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Local Attractions

                  The Drive to Points East Beach Motel

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As you travel the unspoiled eastern region of Prince Edward Island, you will be captivated by the green rolling hills; the blue water against the stunning red cliffs and the white sand beaches that seem to go on forever. The Points East Coastal Drive is one of the prettiest routes on the island, especially the coastal route from Souris to the Points East Beach Motel; you will constantly be awed by the gorgeous views of the cliffs and ocean.

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North Lake Harbour

"The Tuna Capital of the World"

If you want to have a "once in a lifetime"  world class fishing adventure, but sure to take a Blue Fin Tuna Charter.  Several captains offer "catch and release" trips to fight the Blue Fin Tuna (which weigh up to 1500lbs). It is quite a site to see commercial fishermen bring one into the harbour!  The Points East Beach Motel is right next door to the harbour (about a 30 second walk) and you can arrange a Blue Fin Tuna Charter or a Deep Sea Fishing trip --- best to call well in advance though because they book up quickly.

East Point Lighthouse

Lighthouses are scattered across the island and your in luck because the East Point Lighthouse is less than a 10 minute drive. You can climb to the top of this working lighthouse for a magnificent view of the the shores of Prince Edward Island and if your lucky, maybe a few whales or seals. They also have a quaint cafe that offers breakfast and light meals.

Elmira Railway Museum

This is a great place to explore the railway history of Prince Edward Island.
The museum was established at the site of the original Elmira Railway Station, the eastern end point of the PEI train system. Here you will get a sense of what train travel was like in PEI at the beginning of the 20th century and how the railway helped shape PEI's development. You can take a ride around the area on a miniature train and visit the gift shop. Bike rentals are available here as well.

The Confederation Trail is a biking and hiking trail that goes from one end of the island to the other. The trail goes from Tignish to the Elmira where you will find the railway museum and bike rentals. 
The government removed all of PEI's railway tracks and converted the former train route into beautiful recreation trails for all to enjoy.  These trails wind through fields, wooded areas and along water ways. The eastern starting point of the trail is just a couple of kilometers from the Points East Beach Motel.

                Bird Watching      

For the bird watchers, there are over 333 species of birds on Prince Edward Island. You can visit the Black Pond Bird Sanctuary which is a long established migratory bird sanctuary or East Point (near the lighthouse) which is part of the Atlantic Flyway. 
Or you can relax at the motel and watch the bald eagles sitting on the dunes and circling high about the water wating to swoop down on their prey.  We were lucky to catch a picture of this one last summer; he was so big that we initially thought he was a small child sitting on the dunes. You can also see the  Blue Herons in North Lake; sometimes there are groups of 50 or more. There is also an abundance of humming birds darting and hovering outside our windows.

  Basin Head Provincial Park and Beach is considered by many to be one of the best beaches in Canada and it is only about a 10 minute drive from the Points East Beach Motel. This area is famous for its "Singing Sands" which squeak when you walk on them.  It also has a gorgeous supervised beach, a fisheries museum and an ecology display.

Be sure to drive down the many picturesque red clay roads in the area.
At certain points, you will feel like you are driving through a solid tunnel of foliage in different shades of green in the spring and summer or reds in oranges in the fall - gorgeous and surreal.  These roads are great for biking or finding farmers out in the fields planting or gathering crops. Stop; ask questions, they love to yarn as much as the fishermen do at the wharfs.  Find out about the local industries right from the people who work them. Many of these red clay roads are considered shortcuts by the locals and are close to the motel so be sure to venture.

This is just a little introduction to the attractions around the Points East Beach Motel.  If you would like a complete guide to all of our local attractions, check out the official
Points East Coastal Drive Guide

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